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Diamond Jewelry

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Gems Heritage brand from the start that we were serious about his studies and began to feel that this was a gem. What we enjoyed was learned. The fervour with it. Like the look of new jewellery designs. Every time I see a piece of jewellery or delicate, I felt so happy not to have to stop doing the jewellery brand. Jewellery Gems Heritage has a modern design. There is a delicate inserted. What we see is that the wearer is happy with the work, just as we do not feel happy. Brand History Gems Heritage was founded by our passion for gemstones and the world of jewellery. We discovered our love for fine jewellery by the chance of studying gemology, since then it's impossible to stop searching for new design jewellery art pieces. Therefore we created our own brand to express our passion. Our brand characteristics are modern feminine jewellery that contains delicate details. Our ultimate goal is to make our customer feel happy when they wear our jewellery just as the happy feeling when we are creating them.

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