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OM Diamond Co Ltd

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Diamond Jewelry, Diamonds

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OM DIAMOND CO. LTD is the third generation business that sells commercial grade diamonds with eminence for over 100 years by now. For more than a century, ‘OM DIAMOND CO. LTD.’ has been synonymous with diamonds. The company was launched by the great grandfathers in 1900 and holds a significant position in the world of Diamonds. OM DIAMOND CO. LTD has decades of experience in the Diamond trade and has become one of the Premier Diamond Companies in the world. OM DIAMOND CO. LTD is one of the leading Exporters of various kinds of diamonds holding the main market in the countries like United States, Europe, Australia and Asia as a whole. OM DIAMOND CO. LTD is highly focused on “THE PRODUCE QUALITY” and “OUTSTANDING SERVICES” to the customer's worldwide. OM DIAMOND CO. LTD takes great pride in its rich heritage and outstanding reputation with the combination of all its positive and hard work to achieve success. OM DIAMOND is a promising company with Quality diamond and reasonable price that gushes this company from competition in the consumer market.

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