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Silver Zack Production & Design Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Exporter

Dealing In :

Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Silver Zack, established in 2000 as a small manufacturer and exporter of an exquisite range of sterling silver jewellery, is now employing more than 300 highly skilled silversmiths and officers. The company has had several facilities, various from casting, stamping, tubing, and plating for instance, in and around Bangkok, and specialises exclusively in sterling silver jewellery since then. Quality products, competitive prices and consistent deliveries have earned recognition in the industry for over the past years. Apart from the constant streams of latest designs pouring in from the in-house designers, the company also works with exclusive designs from our customers as well. Our corporate slogan of “Sterling Silver Relationships” effectively captures what the company is about. As a young enterprise established in 2000, Silver Zack has taken pride in understanding exactly what our customers need and require. We use this understanding to develop quality sterling silver expressions that bring immediate profits to – and nature long-term relationships with – our customers. In short, Silver Zack is still single-mindedly focused on the continuous improvement of our sterling silver relationships.

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