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Mario Borriello E C Snc

Torre del Greco, Italy |
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Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry

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Mario Borriello was born in Torre del Greek and just nine years begins his first experience in the craft world of cameos and coral. For years, he gets valuable lessons to the talented masters of the time, devoting himself to engraving and developing knowledge of the raw material, either shell is coral. In 1972 he started his own business: with the collaboration of highly qualified staff creates a laboratory for the processing of coral, can meet the needs of high jewelry is both foreign Italian. Currently Mario is constantly engaged in the collection of the raw coral, directly from the fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea. A part of the coral harvest is entrusted to various laboratories of Torre del Greek where experienced craftsmen make finished products of various quality products, such as necklaces, sculptures, etc. cabochons. Another part of the raw material is sold on foreign markets, such as India, Taiwan and China. To date Mario Borriello is known as one of the leading suppliers of red coral but especially appreciated for the seriousness with which it operates, product quality and especially for the seriousness with which it operates, assisted by his daughters Sara and Jessica, with whom it has developed a efficient collaboration.

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