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Shree International

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Manufacturer, Importer

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Diamond Jewelry, Diamonds

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It’s more than a decade since Shree International began dealing with natural coloured fancy diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine. We began for the most obvious reasons: We were truly impressed by the Australian diamonds’ incredible ability to reflect light and by their deep, intense play of colours. At the same time, we were captivated by the likelihood that the mine will only produce fancy diamonds for a limited time. During this time we have acquired unique expertise and a deep insight in coloured diamonds. This is a highly specialised area that necessitates close relationships, very particular connections – and numerous trips to Antwerp and New York, as well as many long journeys to Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Today pink diamonds attract more attention than ever. We are therefore extremely pleased – and in fact very proud – that we can present “Shree International’s Argyle fancy Diamond Collection”.

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