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Christl Retschitzegger

Munich, Germany |
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Gemstones, Diamonds

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Gemstones are my passion. In search of the most beautiful stones I travel every year in different countries like India, Sri Lanka or Thailand. Locally, in the mines or at local gem cutters , offers a wide range of high quality rubies, sapphires, moonstones and many precious stones more. Fine emeralds from Zambia and Colombia, tourmalines, among others from Brazil and Mozambique, grenade of all colors from India and Africa, dark-clear amethysts, for example, Uruguay, and glowing opals from Australia and Mexico also belong to my handpicked Gemstone range. Besides the classic gems I also lead rare gems like chrysoberyls, Paraibaturmaline, real rarities as Kashmirsaphire, Padparadscha (orange sapphires) and features such as Star Ruby and sapphire star of the finest quality.

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