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Artinian Co Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Diamond Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry

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High quality workmanship has been the highest priority for us regarding our business, and is something which we have inherited as second generation jewelers. Artinian believes in preserving the values of classical jewelry arts and adding modern technologies and innovative methodologies to create a piece of jewelry which has high esthetic standards as well as look immaculate under the Loop. We are creating in a period when designs, trends and customer expectations are in change, and that obviously gives us some creative mobility, to imagine and fit in the taste of today. In our inspirational reasoning, we always want to be contemporary yet with a refined edge. Once the idea is there, we work continuously to elaborate on our work to improve ourselves. Once the final concept is finalized we do everything to make sure our idea is realized by our craftsmanship. Our jewelry should reflect flawless design and the international appeal which I think is expected from us.

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