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Unisilver Group International Corp

Manila, Philippines |
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Silver Jewelry

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Unisilver started when it first joined as a short-term exhibit store at Robinson's Galleria's trade exhibit in 1995, the growing demand triggered the establishment of Unisilver Group International Corp., then a manufacturing firm to support Unisilver. Unisilver fuses fashion polished 925 sterling silver, it caters to men, women and teenagers who love and breathe fashion and are in tune with the latest trends. The company has a team of in-house designers who travel regularly to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends. This is why the jewellery reflects only good taste in terms of design, quality and image. Unisilver challenges itself to live up to its customer's expectations, up to date trends with value for money. By December 2005, Unisilver launched another line of product "Timepiece". It also provides stylish and fashionable watches for people on the go. What sets Unisilver from other retailers is that it maintains and boasts of Merchandise and Marketing efforts that are in line with the company's ideals and vision. Management keeps open lines of communication and has high regard for every team member ideas and suggestions. The company believes that each member of the company is capable and competent to produce ideas that can uplift the standards of the company and its products. Unisilver is determined to be the Philippines number one in Silver Jewelry and Fashion Watch accessories. The goal is to capture a bigger share of the growing retail market by expanding the distribution network in and out of the Philippines and to become lifestyle store through expansion of the product line.

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