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Ami Jewels

San Juan, Puerto Rico |
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Manufacturer, Retailer

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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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AMI Jewels are renowned for its bespoke jewellery. If you are looking for the ultimate expression of your personality, you are welcome to visit us. It would be our pleasure to turn your ideas into your very own work of art. Let our team of gemologists, designers and craftsmen create the masterpiece for you. You are invited to consult with a custom jewellery specialist at our shop for bespoke services. The custom jewellery specialist helps you visualise the desired piece and choose the materials to be used in the creation. Whatever may be your requirement to produce a particular design, our in-house gemologists and design team are on hand to advise and fulfil your heart's desire. Our team will sketch and craft your desired design. Alternatively, personally owned gemstones may be reset or incorporated into the desired design. The shop sends the sketch to the workshop. Within one (1) week, the workshop proposes a cost estimate, which is sent to the shop. You may request modifications to this design as desired. Once you have approved the final design, the shop contacts the workshop for a cost estimate and time frame to complete the order. Before craftsmen begin creating the special piece, you must approve the cost estimate and pay 50% deposit. Once payment has been received, the shop sends the order to the workshop. The waiting time for completion is around four (4) weeks, depending on the complexity of the bespoke piece. The workshop sends the finished piece to the shop for collection. The final visit is always a special experience as we capture your imagination to become your jewel to treasure.

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