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S P Gems Co Ltd

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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SP Gems, a prestige brand was born in Mogok, Rubyland, Myanmar. Historically in 1985. SanPya family has been active in the precious gemstones trading in local traditional market. After officially establishment of SP GEMS in 2007, Combing Natural most precious Color and inspiring fine Designs we start our creation our dream into the fine jewels. Based on this over 30 years reputation of gems trading, SP Gems understand the quality of gemstones and know very well how to bring the rough gems out their natural beauty by knowledge of ideal cut. We have a long experience in cutting gems and cover the full range of all kind of gemstones from small too big and from commercial to exceptional. Since Myanmar Origin Royal Classic Red Mogok rubies are our passion, Our Company is highly specialized in concentrated on those most beautiful gemstones. For the substainable supply of Gems to us, we are not only rely on our own mines’ production in Mogok but also we keep good relationship to Mogok and other Myanmar regional Local miners whereas Namyarseik in Kachin State for the supply as well. Our Brand become One of important and reliable Jeweller. It is not only one of the most important Top Quantity Gemstone Mining Company but also recognized as a specialist in Natural Myanmar gems dealer in Myanmar. Our Clients have gained special benefits of not making wrong decision since we are only direct source from Myanmar Mine to fine Jewells End users. Our design displays simplicity and originally presenting precious jewels in true harmony with colors and forms. SP Gems create wide range of custom made exclusive high-end jewelry as well as everyday jewelry with unique innovative designs in modern concepts. Today, Our customers including some of the most recognized world brand, prominent celebrities and public figures.

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