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Julie Sion

Paris, France |
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Diamond Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry

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No glamour history nor chichi for the birth of the brand Julie Sion. The proof is street plaster she moved her studio shop after 4 years of existence! We can not do more "elegant" as a street name to house jewellery purposes. At least one retains this address in the image of the designer, who loves to play propriety. Beads, stones, rhinestones, brass, everything that comes to hand ends in jewellery. Scholars montages defy fashion and jostle trends. There a romantic necklace flanked by electric blue beads, here a pair of dummy scissors around his neck, and later a cameo revisited in staggered pin. That's the world of Julie, accidents and coincidences. If you go through the streets of plaster, push the door, there will always be someone to help you choose from this joyous melting pot creative.

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