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Ru Runeberg

Vaasa, Finland |
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Silver Jewelry, Animal Jewelry

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These are the words of poet Adonis but they might as well be those of Ru Runeberg. To look so closely at the world of the insects, like Ru does, is a certain type of madness and magic. When an ant becomes the center of the dinner table or when one insect passes the pepper while a praying mantis serves a schnapps, the horizons of an insect and man meet in a wondrous way that forces the latter not only to revolutionize his table manners but also himself. At the same time, Ru’s pieces are irrational. His silver work would make modernists like Karl Kraus or Adolf Loos boil with anger. Ru’s crime is that he mixes the artistic and pragmatic value, which is twisted because it threatens to obscure matters in a very regressive way. Or at least that is how Kraus saw it. Ru’s view of the matter is more multifaceted, less dogmatic. His silver work teems with parallel realities in a handheld form but on a comprehensible scale and on a scale that makes us laugh in surprise.

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