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Emma Chapman jewels

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The award-winning jewelry designer, uses gorgeous gemstones, precious metals and ancient couture techniques, to create totally unique, regal heirloom treasure for the 21st century. Drawing on old heritage traditions, her jewelry incorporates carving, engraving, enamel, jaali and embossed work. Her signature style is Haute-bohemian in flavor, exotic and glamorous. All the jewelry is exquisitely handmade by master goldsmiths and stone –cutters, and has been featured in numerous magazines including Vogue, Harpers, Tatler, Elle and Conde Nast Traveller. The brand sells all over the world. Emma Chapman jewels is featured in LOVE GOLD, the world gold council's definitive guide to the top international jewellery designers working today.. She was originally discovered by a Fashion Director of the Telegraph and chosen as one of the most promising new designers of today. Since then she has exhibited numerous times at Fashion Week. All of the jewelry is handmade in family-run workshops, by master goldsmiths and stonecutters, first brought here by the Maharajas and Mughals, who have been in the trade for generations. She is a strong believer in supporting local craftsmen and keeping these dying arts alive, by bringing them into the 21st Century. The craftsmen have made jewellery for all the Royal Families of over the centuries.

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