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Asj Manufacturing Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Company Profile: ASJ JEWELRY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of sterling silver jewellery offering the best selling contemporary designs as well as the classic styles, all at the most competitive prices. ASJ specialises in prompt delivery, superb quality and excellent service. We have our own factories and able to ship volume orders in a timely manner. ASJ JEWELRY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. was established in 1986 by the founder and the president of the company, with a vision to do something different, when everybody was selling gold Jewelry he decides to look for a different metal that will give the people the value and the prestige of a precious metal, at the same time could be affordable to all. This was when we at ASJ after a long research decided to sale Silver Jewelry with the combination of Silver and Gold and gemstones. As one of the first factories to introduce Silver / Gold combination Jewellery to market we face a great success in the market. The business picked up after a year of hard work by introducing a new product to the marketplace. Soon after ASJ start exporting to the USA, Europe, South America and the Middle East. ASJ design manufacture and distribute our own jewellery as well as OEM for our customers with 100% exclusivity for your designs. We combine production of deferent jewellery elements from deferent countries into one beautiful and unique design. Our items have a deferent look fill and concept, as well as competitive prices. We have a high-quality production with the excellent team of devoted employees to produce from A quality to AAA quality with excellent customer service team.

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