Jewelxy Marketplace becomes 'Best ICT Jewelry Online Marketplace Of The Year' at Excellencia 2018


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Jewelxy - Timeless Jewelry Marketplace

Information Technology has evolved as a breakthrough for the mankind in more ways than one. It has transformed the way we make decisions right from the simplest of things to the most complex of world scale decisions. Information Technology decodes the reality around us in a way that it can be easily relayed to the decision makers in a form that's useful for application to solve the given problem.

The effective solution of problems plaguing the society due to the conflict between economic interest and social responsibility has given rise to 'sustainable development. Sustainable development is a multi dimensional concept that sheds light on 'sustainability' of our decisions walking hand in hand with development - continual economic growth.

Hemal Soni (Director,

Information technology has facilitated and enabled quick, cost effective and resource efficient access not only to the available information, it also assists in accumulating knowledge giving rise to present and future learning opportunities as well. Moreover, it has become an effective tool of co-operation for its citizens. The world wide web today brings people from all walks of life together and eases sharing of different skill sets which makes 'continual economic growth' both on the individual and the global scale possible.

Thanks to smartphones, information has now become accessible to just about anyone and anywhere on the planet making it a powerful resource for revenue generation with social accountability. Processing, storing and transmitting information in electronic form without barriers now contributes to intelligence. When used this wisely, it leads to significant rise in the revenue guaranteeing sustainability of one's business - ensuring that it outstands the tests of time and competition.

Innovation in electronics has given us machine intelligence and the capacity to communicate by reducing the impacts arising from manufacturing and transportation activities across a variety of sectors.

Research has repeatedly shown that inadequate knowledge and under-developed skill set at all levels of operations have led to continuous failures in a variety of third world nations particularly those in Africa. This knowledge has made it imperative that we as a modern society adopt innovations and use them to make our lives better before we are engulfed by the bigger more profitable fish in the market. It is important to shake away our resistance as an industry and growing economy when it comes to technology and exercise prudence when it comes to embracing what's good for us.

That is why even though Jewelxy has had a challenging start, it has now become the wise businessman's primary choice when it comes to utilizing the tools that information technology has gifted us. Ever since its inception, Jewelxy has transformed the jewellery industry in more ways than one.

Jewelxy has helped more than 1,20,000 businesses to:

• Contribute and access the Largest B2B Network worldwide

• Reach Customers Where They Are

• Amplify the Brand's Identity while building trust

• Grow in a fast, flexible and reliable manner

....all this while creating lifetime digital footprints for your business. Leveraging their traditional experience with the latest developments in the technology world, experts at Jewelxy have identified and crafted effective strategies to boost individual business growth by as much as 10X the current performance.

Information technology has created challenges while also creating solutions. The world has largely embraced the information technology actively leading to creation of challenges for countries like India where business have only recently begun to embrace this potential albeit reluctantly. Jewelxy has been striving hard to counter this reluctance and exhibit the enormous potential that information technology offers if utilized effectively by understanding the context of its application.

Jewelxy was conceived and keeps getting updated keeping in mind the Indian gems and jewellery ecosystem and how it can be made to grow on a global scale. It has helped jewellery businesses of all types increase their footfall by giving a thriving platform to jewellers to market their brand online with relative ease.

It is both humbling and inspiring to find that the Industry has finally recognized the revolution that Jewelxy has been able to successfully set in motion. Jewelxy has been awarded as the 'Best ICT Jewelry Online Marketplace Of The Year' at the 'Startup & ICT Awards - The Excellencia 2018.'

In our challenging journey not only as a business but as an ideology that was set out to transform the Indian Jewellery Industry into a sector that's at par with its competition on a Global Scale, this award has served as a testimony to the positive strides we have been making in the economy. Jewelxy has acted as a bridge between the individual jeweller and the larger community by bringing them together and exchange their skills to empower the economy and build sustainable business that keeps continually growing minimizing the challenges.

Jewelxy not only has knowledge but the drive to apply the knowledge widely in the current context of our gems and jewellery industry because knowledge without wisdom is only half the work done.

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