Jewelxy App Recognized With mBillionth Award In Business & Commerce


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Jewelxy - Timeless Jewelry Marketplace’s relentless efforts to provide a safe and thriving platform for the Indian Gems and Jewellery industry was recognized and awarded by DEF, Digital Empowerment Foundation, a New Delhi based reputed not-for-profit that has been tirelessly working for digital inclusion world over, especially, in India, South Asia and the Asia Pacific strengthened by the trading system since its inception in 2002, through their mBillionth Award in the Business and Commerce category.

Jewelxy App was chosen due to its innovative model of offering a unique marketplace for the gems and jewellery industry and thereby reinventing how traders and buyers interact and trade - a platform that could be accessible for Free. In addition, Jewelxy has achieved this remarkable feat in such a short time that too in a largely unorganized sector. It has consistently provided an online inventory of products to dealers and suppliers while also increasing their network in the process and increasing a steady customer base. 

A 24*7 available facility provides real time updates and analytics to producers and consumers, thus creating genuine opportunities and a successful online business presence. Jewellery is a booming business and one that caters to an ever growing business, especially in a country like India. Thus an innovative concept like is not only simplifying how jewellery traders can create new and more long lasting businesses for the jewellery industry, but is also ensuring a more strengthened trading system.                    

Since the last twelve years, DEF’s work has earned the faith of national governments, global multilateral agencies, non-profits, institutional philanthropists and donor agencies as well as private sector corporates and their philanthropic foundations.  It is a present day leader of the digital revolution in India Today it is not only a leader of the digital revolution in India but is an influential voice in the global community of digital evangelists.

With the rapid penetration of mobile technology across all socio-economic sectors world-over, it has undoubtedly emerged as the most powerful digital tool for business and social empowerment, especially in South Asia and Asia Pacific. That’s when DEF spun off the mBillionth Award South Asia for recognising excellence in mobile innovations for development in 2010.

The industry‐driven and peer‐acknowledged mBillionth Awards acknowledge South Asia as a key hub of the world’s mobile and telecom market in terms of penetration and innovation. The region, however, suffers from a significant digital divide. These awards recognise that at the moment, mobile phones are surpassing all other media in terms of penetration in the region: TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines and  landlines. Mobile platforms are becoming the natural choice for smashing the information barrier and extending essential and innovative digital services to the broadest section of the population.

These awards help to identify and recognise innovations and best practices that help to ensure more extensive use of ICT and digital tools for socio-economic development and empowerment of the masses, especially marginalised communities and the unorganized business sector for greater impact.

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Jewelxy is all about bridging the digital divide, empowering people and bringing about greater socio economic equality through collaboration and innovation. Felicitations and awards like this encourage digital movements like Jewelxy to keep making impact in the gems and jewellery sector.   

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