Peridot The Zodiac Birthstone for August

Zodiac Birthstone for August

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Gemstones are categorized according to the birth month. The months of a year have been associated with Gemstones because of their qualities and power. All gems yield different yet immense power. It may be possible that one gemstone suits you while another may not and the one that suits you may not possibly be that of your birth month.

According to Indian astrology, benefits of gemstones and zodiac signs are inter-connected. Gemstones always support their respective native place in the natal chart according to their placement in the birth chart of the wearer. Peridot is the gemstone of August. The lime colored gemstone has existed on the Earth for more than 10 centuries. This gorgeous birthstone has also been mentioned in the Bible.

The Peridot was first founded in Egypt and is now found in Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt and USA. The star sign Leo is a very energetic sign, ruled by the Sun and Fire. Peridot is the birthstone for August borns / Leo because the Sun rules over this particular stone as well. Through its specific color, structure, feature and other inherent characteristics, it does not only have a positive impact on the wearer but also on the people who come in contact with him every day. It can have an effect on the many aspects of the wearer’s life while helping him to maintain a fine balance in life. So, if you are an AUGUSTian then you must wear Peridot and here are the reasons why…

1. Release negativity: The Peridot stone brings positivity in a person’s life. It releases spiritual and emotional blocks while releasing the trapped the negative energy in your life thereby turning planets into your favor. It makes a person sensitive and responsible of his personal and professional life.

2. Heightens sensible judgment: Gemstones have strong powers, especially, if you wear the ones that are associated with your birth month. The Peridot heightens self-esteem which is sometimes lost and affected in the process of growing up. In addition, it will make the wearer more sensible in making decisions.

3. Wealth and Prosperity: In India, people prefer to consult an astrologer to decide the gemstone for them. Thus, Peridot brings wealth and prosperity to the AUGUSTians because it is a blessed gemstone. It brings the fortune with it to the person who is a dedicated hard-worker. 

4. Protects you: This stone is so powerful that it will shield you from psychic attacks, negativity and self harm due to low self-esteem. Also, this August birthstone is believed to harness powers that can cure a variety of diseases, especially those dealing with mental health such as anxiety and depression.

5. Closure to you: The Peridot will bring you closer to you. You will get to know the purpose of your life and help you attain a clear picture of your strengths and challenges. By wearing the Peridot jewelry, you will find yourself nearer to you.

6. It brings patience and calmness: A person needs to be spiritual and patient to be complete. August borns are said to be creative but hot-headed and impulsive as well. The gemstone will heighten the qualities of patience in the person and will make him calmer than before. Also, it brings one close to the Supreme Being - God.

7. Happiness: Last and the most important point is Peridot brings happiness with it. You will be able to renew your relationships with your lost loved ones and focus on family and relationships. This gemstone with bring you joy and passion to surpass all your goals.

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