How Colombian, Brazilian and Zambian Emerald Stones Are Different

Brazilian and Zambian Emerald Stones

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When you think Emerald gemstone ... a breathtakingly bright green coloured gemstone appears in front of the eyes. Emerald has been used in jewellery making for centuries. It is also believed to have remedial effects.  Despite the fact that gemstone emerald comes from different resources, the best of the emeralds in the market are made of Emeralds from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. 

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Colombian Emerald Stone

The Colombian emerald stone is from Colombia, South America. Columbian mines produces the most emeralds for the global market. In fact, Colombia is responsible for 70 to 90 percent of all the world’s emerald market needs and supplies. Colombian Emeralds have the greatest mindshare among consumers for their superior quality emeralds. Commercial grade emeralds are quite plentiful, fine, while extra fine quality emeralds are extremely rare.

Brazilian Emerald Stone

Brazil became consumers’ favourite for affordable emerald since the early 1960s. Brazilian Emerald stone was discovered in Brazil around 1920 for the first time. With time, Brazil has upgraded its image today as an Emerald mining centre. Since 1980 at Itabera in Minais Gerais, Santa Teresinha in Goias, and Nova Era near Itabera, are now supplying the best Emerald stones Brazil has ever produced. In fact some of the top Brazilian emerald stones from these mines are as good as Colombian emerald stones’ quality.

Zambian Emerald Stone

Colombian Emerald stones are sought for their fine quality and Brazilian emerald stones are important mainly for being mid-grade product. However, there is another gemstone which is receiving huge attraction from the jewellery trade, which is the Zambian Emerald stone.

Zambia is rich in gemstones and located in Southern Africa. Zambian Emerald stones tend to be of more saturated greener colour compared to Colombian emerald stones.

If we were to briefly put together the differences between Colombian emeralds, Brazilian emeralds, and Zambian emeralds, here it goes...


Quite naturally, Colombian emerald stones are typically the most expensive per carat/ Ratti. This is followed by Brazilian emerald and Zambian emerald.


Colombian emerald stones get their colour from the trace amounts chromium. Whereas Brazilian emeralds get their colour primarily from the traces of vanadium and Zambian emeralds get their colour from iron.

Typically, Brazilian emeralds have a slight brown or gray cast. Zambian emeralds may often appear too blue because of the iron.


The type of inclusions in emeralds also varies by their origin. Colombian emeralds are likely to have more inclusions than Brazilian and Zambian emerald.

       Attribute   Colombia Emeralds                             Brazilian                Zambian Emeralds
Price Per Carat Higher price per carat Lesser in comparison to Colombian Least Value
Trace Element Chromium Vanadium Iron
Colour Difference Fine Leafy bluish Green A slight brown or gray cast with pure green hue. Deep Green with a deep Bluish shade
Inclusions More in comparison Moderate inclusions Lesser. Better Transparency is observed.
Oil Drop effect               Yes                                    Yes                                 No














Comparison of Colombian, Brazilian and Zambian Emeralds

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