Benefitting From Zodiac Stones According To Your Zodiac

Zodiac Stones

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Jewellers are firm believers of the zodiac signs, astrology and the power it wields. Many prefer to sell their products on the basis of zodiac signs and colors associated with it. Every zodiac has its particular birthstone. This happens because of the places of the planets. However, you must have noticed that there′s often a difference between what one retailer sells as your birthstone and what another one markets. This happens because there is no specific process or tradition that associates month and birth in traditional Indian Astrology. It depends on the beliefs of people where they figure out what works best for them under the circumstances.

The astrologers knew the resonance of different Stones with the zodiac signs. You might find that working with your zodiac birthstone associated with your calendar birth month is likely to bring you some unique benefits. Let′s take a closer look:

1. Aries

Ruby is gemstone for Aries. Aries are said to be as fiery and captivating as Rubies. They are sweet, naïve and innocent but fearless at the same time. Aries need to shine and so, does Ruby. Rubies could assist in building you super stamina and energy. They protect you from evil psychic attacks and prevent your dreams from turning into nightmares.

2. Taurus

Malachite is gemstone for Taurus. Taureans are captivating yet soothing just like malachite. Taureans are very supportive people and will absorb all the negativity that prevails around you. Wearing the malachite gem could bring you positivity in your life and all the important pathways that are blocked will open again bringing harmony.

3. Gemini

Agate is the stone of Gemini. As Gemini people have so much of nervous energy, agate works as a stress buster. There are various colored agates and all benefit in a different way; for example, blue lace agate helps with emotional support, while crazy lace agate is good for mental support.All Gemini people should wear agate to balance emotional, physical and mental health.

4. Cancer

Moon is the gemstone of Cancerians. Cancer people are ruled by the moon. Cancer people are saidto be short tempered and moonstone keeps them calm. Moonstone comes in various dark andlight colors and wearing moonstone works with you to open your heart and reminding you to begentle with yourself — and with others.

5. Leo

Leos are ruled by the Sun. Leos are bright and charming and they need something powerful likethem to keep them at bay. Sunstone resonates with Leo’s pride and charm. Sunstone can giveyou an edge in competition with others, and improve your chances for promotion. Sunstoneshould be worn to increase your vitality and independence.

6. Virgo

Topaz is the gem of Virgo. It has great power to convert negations into positivity. Topaz varies incolor and you can choose according to your personality but all types symbolize calmness and breakdown nervous energy and criticism. Wear topaz to reach your goal without distractions.

7. Libra

The gemstone for Libra people is Lapis Lazuli. Wearing lapis will surely enhance yourcommunication skills, and allow the truth to find its way up to you. Lapis is used to describe people who have the Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Libra in their birth chart as it considered the sign of a luxury and fairness.

8. Scorpio

The gemstone for scorpions is moldavite. They are moody, intense and sensitive aswell. This gemstone works with you when developing your intuition, working with dreams, orexploring other realms. One should only wear if they are open to what life has to offer and do away with their introversion.

9. Sagittarius

The stone that matches the laidback attitude of Sagittarius is turquoise. They are carefree, cheerful,and plain lucky. As turquoise is lucky and protective, it will bring positivity in the life ofSagittarians. You need to wear this stone to protect yourself from negativity andfree your spirit.

10. Capricorn

Tourmaline is gemstone for Capricorns. It is down to earth, practical, and protective — just like the Capricorn people. The Tourmaline stone is perfect when you need patience, focus and determination with reason, logic, and perseverance. The tourmaline will do miracles when you want to keep your feet on the ground, set your priorities or just want to be relieved from stress and chaos.

11. Aquarius

Labradorite – the gemstone for Aquarius is a form of feldspar. It flashes either brilliant blue or aqua which calms the mind and stimulates creativity. The Labradorite stone reconnects you with your conscience so you can communicate internally and think about new ideas. If you′re looking for a flash of inspiration wear labradorite because that will aid you with fresh new ideas…!

12. Pisces

Pisces have Jasper as a gemstone. They are quite dreamy and creative, qualities that different types of jasper from all parts of the world are believed to enhance. Jasper is available in almost all colors and was worn by many traditional and spiritual leaders as a sacred stone. If you need to break a habit or ease stress, then Jasper is your stone. It promotes peace and tranquillity, aids in self-discipline, and provides strength to the etheric body.

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Now that you know which stones work the best for your sun sign, choose your zodiac stone and march on the path of your progress.

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