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The planets could have strong influence on our lives. The planets have their own way of taking vengeance. They could create dreadful situations followed by havoc and some unwanted results.

During the birth of an ascendant the planet which is the most debilitated or weak or influenced by Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars creates messed up situations. They may not exactly interfere with your lives all the time but there are certain times when they harass you mentally. These malicious planets create trouble in the personal and professional life of an ascendant by introducing obstructions.

In order to minimize or nullify the danger, Astrologers suggests you wear a gem that will be suitable to your planet. The gemstones are known to hold effective rays that could combat against negative energies. It will free the human being from negative forces, eventually spreading the happiness in their lives.

Since there are 9 planets, each gemstone is being affiliated with a different gemstone which holds unique properties to bring positive changes in the life of an ascendant.

Below mentioned are the gemstones and their effects on the lives of an ascendant:

1. Ruby:

The gemstone Ruby is governed by the Sun known “King of Nine planets”. It is being worn by ones who have low self-esteem and health issues of bones. Its powder mixed with water could aid stomach issues, gallbladder issues, etc.

It is such a powerful gem that it could it could change color on its own if it senses any unwanted occasion coming up.

2. Pearl:

The pearl gem is worn to make mind strong. The weekly placed moon will take person into sorrow and depression. It is important for a student to wear pearl to save himself or herself from the distraction and low performance in the exam.

The combination of pearl with silver could get rid-off displeasing results and enacts in the favor of ascendants. It could qualify them to earn innumerable benefits of wearing moonstone pearl.

3. Red Coral:

The Red Coral stone is extracted from oceans and seas. It is worn due to the adverse effects of the planet Mars. Mars is one of the most powerful planets affecting human life.

It is said that a girl with Mars on her positive houses could only marry a man with Mars on his positive houses because they both are strong and influential. A strong man is needed to handle strong woman. In a malicious position, it could destroy one’s life with death, that’s how strong mars is believed to be.

Thus, wearing a red coral stone will help the person with fame, wealth and a harmonious life.

4. Emerald:

It is said that Emerald has the power to destroy snake's eye, which makes it a powerful gem. It is the symbol of wisdom, intellect, love and happiness. It is favourable for students as it increases memory power and a sense of confidence.

Besides that, emerald stone cures the diseases like epilepsy and madness.

5. Yellow Sapphire:

According to astrology, yellow sapphire is affiliated with Jupiter, the supreme position holder in the board of directors of nine planets. 

The yellow sapphire gem is said to be useful for girls. The girls that are unmarried, yellow sapphire will help them find their dream man. While married women wear it for a successful married life.

6. Diamond:

The diamond is considered as the stone of Venus which depicts beauty and elegance.

If you need the positivity of diamond then it is suggested that you must wear proper diamond without scratches or patches. A defective diamond could destroy the physical strength of a person and that person will always be victim of a disease.

The diamond with either black or yellow color is ruled by the lord Vishnu – one of the most powerful gods in Hinduism.  

7. Blue Sapphire:

The Blue Sapphire is the gem of Saturn. This gem should be worn with a silver ring to obtain maximum possible positive results.

The person in whose horoscope, Saturn exists at stronger positions should wear blue sapphire as it brings them prestige, it emancipates diseases and showers them with wealth and health.

Similarly, wearing a damaged sapphire will only bring miseries in his/her life. Also, it is believed that drinking the water of the blue sapphire stone powder will remove stress and sorrows from a person’s life.

8. Hessonite:

The hessonite gem represents cow’s urine. It is affiliated with RAHU.

RAHU is one of the most dreaded planets as it signifies north node of Moon and lower half of the snake. A malicious Hessonite gem brings you destruction, downfall, stress, and other negative energies.

Therefore, Hessonite stone should only be worn in case Rahu is positioned at positive houses in the horoscope of a person.

9. Cat’s eye Gem:

The cat’s eye is affiliated with KETU according to Hindu astrology. The KETU does not exist physically but it is believed have powerful effect on the lives of humans.

If it is placed positively it could bring you wealth, marriage happiness, career happiness, spiritually enlightened as well. In case, if it unsuitable to a person or exist in negativity then it could ruin the future bringing havoc.

Therefore, wearing a cat’s eye could protect a person from his/her dreadful future created by KETU.

Contact your astrologer about your planet and gemstone. You never know what positivity life has stored for you in the future.

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