Platinum Jewellery Slowly Replacing Gold Wedding Bands in Indian Jewellry industry

Platinum Karat

 Jewelry Guide |  By: Ruchi Shah 

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Platinum, being naturally white and the rarest of precious metals offers the most secure setting for diamonds and precious stones. It is also a perfect choice for the expression of love that will last lifetime. Preferred by world's greatest jewelry designers, its remarkable pliability allows it to be drawn out to a fine wire, enabling the creation of intricate platinum designs which could not be fashioned from other precious metals.

Being rare and exclusive, it tends to set a statement of individuality desired by those in known. Also, it is hypoallergenic that makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Moreover, Platinum's rarity as a metal has caused advertisers to associate it with exclusivity and wealth.

Platinum is naturally white in color, so it does not cast any color onto a diamond and is usually used as 95% pure in jewelry, thus it never fades or tarnish.

Talking about durability and resistance, the platinum jewelry lasts for lifetime and is ideal for its use in jewelry, as it does not wear away and holds precious stones embellished securely.

But not all white metals have the same qualities. Did you know that white gold is an alloy created using yellow gold? To keep its white colour, white gold usually need to be re-plated, whereas platinum is naturally white.

Contrary to other metals available for making jewelry, Platinum doesn’t change its shape with usage and is incredibly dense so it feels a lot heavier than other metals. In fact around 40% heavier than the same ring made of gold.

You can assure a piece of platinum jewelry by its hallmark - a symbol or mark to indicate that it is high quality platinum. Identifying the platinum hallmark gives you the reassurance that the precious jewelry you have chosen is of high quality.

Few examples of Hallmarks for Platinum used in different countries are-

  • India- Pt950
  • USA- PLATINUM or PLAT, PT950, 950PT, 950PLAT, PT900, 900PT, 900PLAT, PT999, PT850
  • Japan- Pt850, Pt900, Pt950, Pt999

For rings, there are several types of settings available in the market nowadays. The ring's setting, paired with the shape and cut of the centre gemstone that gives each ring its personality and style. Popular settings for central stones are namely Prong or Claw, Cathedral, Bezel, Tension. For smaller stones settings such as Bar, Channel, Flush and Pave̒ are common. 

Every piece of your special jewelry requires considerable care. As all precious metals scratch, platinum is no exception. It is unique, in way that the metal is only displaced, not lost. You can get your platinum jewelry polished regularly, if you are interested in maintaining a high shine.

When you make your precious purchase, you must assure you buy from a reliable jewelry retailer or jeweller for all adjustments, resizing, polishing and cleaning for maintenance. You can also buy Platinum jewelry only, but here too you must assure you are buying fine hallmarked jewelry.

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