Yellow Sapphire Stone: Properties, Benefits And Substitute

Yellow Sapphire Stone

 Sapphire Gemstones |  By: Ruchi Shah 

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Unheated yellow sapphire gemstone is one of the most commonly sold stones. People buy this stone to strengthen Jupiter in their Vedic astrological birth chart (Hence called Jupiter stone). Jupiter is believed to be the philanthropic planet. It represents enlightenment, generosity and happiness; same are the qualities that a person is adorned with when he or she wears yellow sapphire stone.

People who seek for riches and fulfilment are the correct candidates for Yellow Sapphire stone. Also, the people who are looking to call more wealth and opulence also benefit from yellow Topaz stone. Those interested in increasing generosity and goodwill, their success with higher education and philosophy, and the well-being of their children and partners will also enjoy the benefits of a powerful Jupiter gemstone.

The zodiac sign associated mostly with Jupiter stone are Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendants. Jupiter’s warm expansiveness complements these fire signs and water signs as well. Geminines may experience benefit in career and relationships. Cancerians benefit from Jupiter stone when moon and Jupiter are placed in Jyotish chart or when yellow sapphire is worn along with a very powerful pearl to strengthen the Moon. Jupiter is most compatible gemstone with ruby, red coral and pearl, depending on the wearer.

One should remember that not all Yellow Sapphire stones are created equally. There are some stones filled with inclusion, which make them unsuitable for Jyotish and Ayurveda. In order to get results from your gem, it must be free from inclusions visible to naked eye. The ideal color for yellow sapphire gemstone is light lemon yellow to rich golden yellow color. The richer the color, the more powerful the gemstone will be. For Jyotish use, the Sapphire Stone should be unheated ad the heated stone does not produce any results.

From the astrology viewpoint, minimum 2 carats of gemstone will produce beneficial results for the wearer. When it comes to the size of a yellow topaz, the larger the size, more beneficial it is, from the astrological viewpoint. However, on a safe side, it is better to start small and adhere to strict quality standards, though, than to buy a larger stone of poor quality.

Yellow Sapphire is generally placed in gold and worn on index finger but a person can be benefitted from pendant too. If one is on a budget and can only afford a silver jewelry setting, this is acceptable, as long as the stone is Jyotish quality and is set to lightly touch the skin.

If your budget is of $1,000 or less, we strongly suggest yellow topaz stone as an alternative to yellow sapphire stone. However, its carat should be minimum 3 carats to receive the benefits. However, if the budget is lower, then a top quality Citrine can be worn. The recommended size of Citrine is 8 carats. But if possible, it is best to go much larger – as in 20 or 30-carat Citrine, set in a pendant or a ring, is surely an affordable Jupiter remedy.

If we conclude the Sapphire stone in one word – it will be Growth. All the people who have worn Sapphire have experienced Growth that too quicker than the ones who do not wear it. The wearers must be prepared for some adjustments, which need to be made to accommodate the new momentum being experienced.

While buying Yellow Sapphire Stone, you must be prepared for spiritually, personally and professionally upcoming forces of expansion. When consciously working with Jupiter’s heart-warming graces, and keeping the heart and the mind open to new and profound growth, the wearer of yellow sapphires, have seen tremendous results compound, over time.

Best Source of Yellow Sapphire gemstone:

Like for many other gemstone, Sri lanka is the best source for Yellow Sapphires. These are most popular worldwide. Sri Lanka and India offer great choices, when it comes to buy the best places to purchase natural and untreated Yellow Sapphires. They are also found in Brazil, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Africa and Japan.

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