Amethyst: Beautiful Birth Stone For Those Born In February

February Birthstone

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Amethyst is the February birthstone. It is basically a mineral found in the earth's crust, and it has been getting famous around the world because of its association with all the people who have been born in the month of February.

What is it made of?

Amethyst is actually made up of Quartz, which is known to be the second most abundant mineral found in the earth's crust. The Amethyst birthstone has been worn and preserved by people for a very long time. Amethyst birthstone is a violet coloured stone.  It's most common use is known to be of jewellery.

Hues and Colors!

The colour of the stone, Violet can be attributed to the phenomenon of irradiation and the iron impurities that makes for the awesome colours in a lot of other transition elements. Speaking of its colour, the colour depends on a variety of factors such as temperature; brightness in the surroundings can vary from pinkish violet to even deep purple in many cases. There are a lot of secondary hues available such as red and blue. Amethyst and its other variants are known to be found in the various parts of the world such as Sri Lanka, Brazil and Siberia. Incidentally, the Far East too is an excellent place for getting the February birthstone.

However, there's an ideal hue for every birthstone. For Amethyst, the "deep Siberian" can be termed as the ideal hue for this.

The History of Amethyst

Amethyst or the February birthstone has a long history dating back to centuries. As for many other things, Egyptians have had a fair share to play in the origin and discovery of the amethyst birthstone. It was a treated as an expensive gemstone by the Egyptians back in time.

While talking of the Greeks, they had their version of beliefs regarding the birthstone. It has been found that the Greeks had associated amethyst gems with intoxication.

This is certainly a unique use that the various societies have employed the February birthstone for. The European soldiers from the medieval age were known to wear amulets made from Amethyst since they thought that Amethysts accelerate the process of healing people as well as keeping their heads cool.

Uses of Amethyst

Stones, Gemstones, Ornaments, you name it; everything has been gaining popularity in today's world at an astounding level. People have been increasingly resorting to the various gemstones for their spiritual or even physical well being.

From controlling anger to holding their virtues together, from making their relationships stronger to improving their concentration levels, people have been using a lot of gems and stones in today's world. Not only this, there have been findings where people are willing to use stones and gemstones for various effects such as to enhance psychic powers or even emotional intelligence.

Amethyst, the February birthstone is known to help people achieve the required calm headed nature which is very crucial in high-pressure situations. Also, it is believed by many cultures that that those who use this birthstone are less susceptible to being addicted or even intoxicated at all. This is certainly a blessing for anyone in today's world since addictions have emerged as a major setback across the world.

Amethyst can rightly be termed as the stone that helps people with their Sobriety. While Amethyst can be very helpful with the literal sense of sobriety for the people who use it, it also assists in achieving the metaphorical meaning of Sobriety to the wearer. This February Birthstone helps in critical thinking and provides clarity of thought and action to the wearer.

How helpful are these birthstones

Amethyst is one of the Ultimate Problem solvers for people around the world. The birthstone for February is known to help people face and thrive in the toughest of situations. The arduous decision making and choice taking processes are made easier than ever for the people who use the birthstone for February.

The increased effectiveness of a person and a cool-headed personality is what makes this birthstone so popular among the masses. Not only spiritually, but the birthstone can also be credited to an improved logical and scientifically backed up thought processes evolved inside the heads of people who wear Amethyst birthstone.

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