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Precious Gemstones

 Gems and Stones |  By: Ruchi Shah 

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If we compare Gemstones with other commodities they have different pipeline of movement; they are rare, durable and also natural and precious gemstones are hard to find. If you are looking for commercial trade centres for gemstones or gemstones jewelry or loose stones, you need to visit Jaipur, India. Jaipur has famous Johari Bazaar, Gopal Ji Ka Rasta and Halidyon Ka Rasta are famous for semi-precious and precious gemstones and jewelry.

Jaipur is manufacturing and processing centre for gemstones and jewelry. The experts here create the jewelry in the most authentic style taking days to get the perfection. World’s colored gemstones are processed in Jaipur with a turnover of INR 6500 crores which are almost $955 million.

In addition to Jaipur, other regional jewellery, especially gemstone jewellery from India serves as fashion trendsetters. With Indian Jewellery designers making it big on the global eye, gemstone jewellery are no longer limited only to  popular wedding jewellery.

If you are looking for wholesale natural gemstones, look for that in Special Zone for Gems and Jewelry at the Export Promotion Industrial Park at Sitapura. If you are looking for great quality gemstones outside India, look at the places: Bangkok and Chanthaburi in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Mozambique are equally good places. However, the quality varies from country to country.

You can also do a bit of online research on Jewelxy’s exclusive gemstone marketplace in case you want to buy particular singular gemstone or commercially traded bottom of the pyramid quality or a real gem quality at wholesale price.

In addition, there are commercial trade centres in every city where you can learn about gemstones, their quality and price. You can also research on the topic “Gemstone Pipeline” which is very wide topic. You can hone up your negotiation skills, work on polish and 4Cs and do thesis on gemstones market.

One must research and learn as much possible on gemstones, quality, process and certification and appraisal that normal retail price wouldn’t come to a close match. These are used by the gemstones experts with years of expert skills and fine negotiation skills.

One can always use the digital advantage. Online portal Jewelxy comes out as a best place to buy wholesale gemstones. Wholesale natural gemstones as well as Precious gemstones are becoming widely popular among consumers and jewellery manufacturers worldwide.

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