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It is a well-known fact that gemstones have their own unique positive effects on a person’s life. Each month and each zodiac sign has zodiac gemstones associated with it and people wear them accordingly. Ancient Romans believed that gemstones carry supernatural power that to heal.

Gemstones have become a great style statement today. Here is a complete guide to buying different types of gemstones:

Precious Gemstones vs. Semi-precious Stones

The precious gemstones are labelled as precious due to its rarity. The Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds were hard to find and thus are kept in the category of precious gem stones, while all other gemstones, e.g. Pearls are considered semi-precious stones.

There is an array of gemstones available in jewellery market; still diamond is perhaps the most popular gem stone

Lab-created vs. Simulated

Lab-created and simulated – both are manmade. Here are some key differences to both:


Original gemstones and lab-created are genuine stones with same chemical make-up.

These chemical stones pass through heat, pressure and mineral mixture.

It takes 1/10th of time the genuine stones takes to be finished.

More affordable than genuine stone


Simulated stones do not share chemical similarities

These are either created with glass or plastic

To add the shine, help of metals like aluminium is taken

They are affordable than genuine stones

Basic criteria on which quality of gemstone can be checked?


The weight of the gemstone is being measured in carats. 1 carat = 0.2 grams. All the gemstones have different density thus two stones with same physical size could vary in weight.


The cut of the gemstone affects its appearance greatly. A good cut stone has even sparkle and consistent color as light hits it. If a part looks washed out or blackened, it surely is not properly cut.


Clarity is term associated with diamonds. The clarity has an overall impact on gemstones. It could be measured under lights. If it’s too cloudy or almost matte-like look, the clarity isn’t said to be ideal. However, it totally depends on how you like it.


Every stone has a color associated with it. However, now all the gemstones are available in various colors and shapes. The main factor associated with color is preference. You can choose blood red ruby or royal blue sapphire.


All gemstones help you to make a style statement, but no stone can benefit you as much as a birthstone does. Birthstones are believed to bring good fortune, health, and other benevolences to their wearers. A birthstone is the stone is one that is associated with the month in which you are born. For example, if you are born in January, your birth stone is garnet.

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