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May Birthstone

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May symbolizes Summer somewhere and Spring somewhere else. And, that’s why Emeralds in their pristine Green hues are the perfect precious stones to symbolize peace and those born in May.

Emerald the May birthstone, a precious stone, symbolizes rebirth. It is believed to gift its wearer a variety of powers including foresight to make wiser decisions, good fortune to earn favour with the world and youth – so the abundance keeps flowing.

The word Emerald is derived from the Greek Word “Smaragdus” which means “Green”.

Emerald is a type of the mineral beryl which grows upto one foot in length with six sides. Incidentally, aquamarine too is a type of beryl. The colours of Emerald range from anywhere between light green to deep green. Deep green emeralds are much more valuable than their lighter counterparts. Emeralds that give a deep rich greenish blue hue are considered to be rare. However, the colour of the gemstone when studded in the jewellery depends on the level of skill and precision exerted by the gemologist.

Superior quality emeralds are rare and few, that’s why most emeralds that we see in the market today usually undergo a variety of treatment to secure better clarity. Emeralds are available all across the world with their highest concentrations found in Afghanistan, Colombia, Zambia and Brazil.

The earliest recorded mining of Emerald has been found to be in Egypt around 300 BC with Cleopatra being one of the most famous people to have loved emeralds. The ancient Egyptian civilization has been found to widely use Jewelry in their culture, their rituals and even buried their kings with Emeralds. Egyptians believed that Emeralds protected their wearer from dark forces.

The native civilization of Colombia, Muzos also mined Emeralds and cherished them so much so that they managed to hide these precious gemstones from several invaders. After the Spanish invaded them, it took them almost two decades to finally find these precious gemstones.

History’s obsession with emeralds is not a co-incidence. Emeralds have been believed to possess mystical powers that could heal, cure and keep away a variety of physical and spiritual problems. Some even believed that emerald could cure problems related to epilepsy and the digestive system. It was also believed to soothe nerves and keep the wearer calm and peaceful.

Modern day use of emeralds symbolize affluence, wealth, abundance, loyalty, protection and peace. Not only does it look enchanting upon wearing, it is also considered to be a cherished gift by those who receive it. Celebrities still can’t get enough of Emeralds. Incidentally, an auction for the famous Emerald Pendant in possession of the late Hollywood Actress, Elizabeth Taylor who is known for her lavish and prized Jewellery collection, fetched $6.5 million dollars!

Like their favourite celebrities, everyone desires to buy superior quality emeralds. But, when do you do decide to purchase emeralds either on wholesale or for personal use, here’s what you need to check before making that purchase:

  • Check the 4Cs – Colours, Carats, Cut & Clarity. The richer the colour, the better it is. You can always get it checked by a Jeweller you trust just to be sure.
  • Colour distribution should be even and not too dark. Even if it is a deep green or a deep green blue, the colour will be evenly distributed, if it is of a good quality. However, most pieces you will find in the market will be much lighter in colour.
  • Even if you see inclusions here and there, it is fine, since emeralds are beryls; however, the hue of the gemstone should be consistent.
  • At the end of the day, it is all about how good the gemstone will look in your Jewellery Piece. Make sure the cut goes along the sides with precision just as the emerald is shaped which will impart a rich colour to the gemstone while taking the attention away from inclusions.
  • Emeralds have a wide range of pricing, it is difficult to find a standard price for emeralds.

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