Lucky June: Three Birthstones For One Month


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For those who are born in June, it is a good reason as any to feel blessed and privileged, because yours is the only month that has three gemstones as its birthstones. Moonstone, pearl and alexandrite are the three gemstones of those born in June.

Let’s begin with the shimmery gemstone, Moonstone which was believed to change its appearance based on the phases of the moon in the Western Culture. In the east, it was considered a sacred stone, carved out from the ethereal light of the moon that would bless the wearer pleasant dreams.

Moonstone has been believed by cultures across the world to synchronize the rhythm of the moon with the wearer’s life. This would, according to their beliefs, impart the wearer with a calm demeanour. It is still recommended by astrologists to those who get nightmares, have insomnia or any other disturbances related to their sleep. It is also known as the Traveller’s Stone which keeps them protected during night journeys. Not only does moonstone protect the wearer, it is also believed to rekindle old love and repair the damage done to the relationship.

Moonstones are judged based on their colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.  The bluer the sheen and the more transparent the overall appearance of the stone, the higher it costs. Sri Lanka had been the highest quality moonstones provider; however, with depleting deposits, moonstones have become costlier. Moonstones can also be found in India with colours varying from green to orange that are generally more affordable.  This gemstone is prone to cracking due to stress so it needs to be cared for and precisely cut if worn in jewellery or other accessories.

Moving on to a relatively modern gemstone compared to the moonstone, Alexandrite, was discovered in Russia in the 19th century. It changes colours from green to red, the national colours of Russia which made it Russia’s official gemstone back in the day. It is a variety of the chrysoberly mineral that changes colour in response to light. During daytime it appears bluish green while at night under lighting it gives off a distinct red hue. Owing to its changing appearances, it appears like an emerald during the day and ruby at night.  Presently, most Alexandrite in the world is mined from Sri Lanka, Brazil and East Africa. However, the Russian quality of these gemstones is unprecedented. Softer than Sapphire and harder than Garnet, Alexandrite is usually considered highly valuable, sometimes more than diamonds and rubies.

Alexandrite is believed to impart the wearer the ability to concentrate, learn and show them how to utilize their intuition to be more creative and imaginative in their day to day life.

Another gemstone that is believed to bring good luck in day to day life is Pearl, incidentally, the third gemstone for those born in June. Pearls are associated with purity and innocence which is why they are worn by the brides on their wedding day in western cultures. Another special feature of Pearls is the fact that they are the only gemstones that are made by living creatures. Mollusks deposit layers of calcium carbonate on impurities lodged in their shells which finally makes a pearl.

The value of a pearl is based on the type of shelled mollusk that is producing it. Of the varieties of molluks or clams that produce pearl, there are just two groups of clams that produce the most valuable pearls which do not require any polishing.  Round and smooth natural pearls are uncommon. Pearls that are the most expensive are usually the ones produced naturally without man’s interference in the process. However, the pearls available today are farmed into pearl oysters or mussels and it is a multi-million dollar industry across the world. Pearls are very soft and sensitive to heat and acidity. In fact, real pearls can dissolve in vinegar.

The highest quality pearls will have reflective lustre imparting a creamy white texture with a sheen that casts colourful shades. Cultured freshwater pearls are also dyed a variety of colours including black, pink, brown, blue, yellow, purple or green.

Natural pearls are now only found in the Middle East near the Persian Gulf waters close to Bahrain. Australia leads the industry in own natural diving fleets that harvest pearls from the Indian Ocean. The famous south sea pearls are cultured along the north western coastline of Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. China leads the way when it comes to freshwater cultured pearls.

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