March Birthstone - Aquamarine The ruler of water element

March Birthstone

 Birth Stone |  By: Mansi Soni 

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All of us are aware how planetary forces affect us. Some of these forces are towards us depending on which month we are born in. the gemstones that could help us channelize these favoring planetary forces based on in which month we are born are known as our birth stones. People often like to personalize their jewelry with their birthstones. It will not only help you with favoring forces but will also radiate positive vibes around you. They can become an integral part of your personality.

March birthstone is the beautiful gemstone Aquamarine, aptly named for it looks like soothing clear sea water.

Aquamarine birthstone inherits its name from Latin where Aqua means water and marine means sea. Due to hues of blue it reflects it is also called stone of sea and said to rule the water element which is part of people born in March.

Ancient Greek used to call it Sailor’s stone, with stories of sailors carrying Aquamarine to help them keep safe from miseries of water bodies like sea as they use to spend most of their time in ships travelling.

These gemstones have serene shades of blue; it is said to promote calmness and peace to its wearer. It also tends to soothe the mind and body of the bearer. The bigger the stone, more intense would be its color. Smaller once are more transparent and clear with a slight tint of blue.

These stones are widely found in regions like Brazil (leading producer), Pakistan, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique.

Neptune the ruling planet for Aquamarine

Neptune is the God of sea and hence has ruling power over water element. They say Neptune saves the stone going back into the sea hence the owner also remains out of the danger of drowning.

Mystical Powers of Aquamarine

Since trinity, Aquamarine is believed to possess special powers which it bestows over to its owner. People from second century have inscribed that Aquamarine is a stone which have powers to hail its wearer from a variety of sickness including eye related issues. The same aquamarine dipped water was used regularly to wash eyes.

It is also said to heal problems related to stomach, liver and throat, as well as being effective in curing cavities and glandular disorders. Due to its blue hue, it is said to be associated with throat chakra and hence would be helpful in improving the condition of speech and singing.

Aquamarine is said to heal psychological issues. With warmth in its color, it is said to radiate similar vibes around the person who wears it and take away all the stress and mental illness away.

March birthstone Aquamarine is said to have special effect on people born in the month of March. Along with all its healing properties, it helps people to make new friends and gain affection from others.

It is said to have calming effect on people and helps them to develop love, trust and harmony amongst the people around them. In some ancient traditions aquamarine is said to have powers to increase youth, enhance intelligence, increase foresight, and enhance courage in its wearer and multiply happiness in your life.

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Physical Properties of Aquamarine

Depending on its purity Aquamarines may range from $10 dollars per carat to $200 dollars per carat. People often wear it as a locket or pendant of gold chain or as a ring finger. They are mostly cut in form of an emerald in oval or pear shapes. It’s known for its hardness and durability. The large aquamarine stones are rare and hence find high value in gemstone market. The biggest known single piece aquamarine known so far was of 1000 carats.

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