Zodiac Birth Stone jewelry for July: Ruby Jewelry

July Zodiac Birth Stone

 Birth Stone |  By: Ruchi Shah 

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Gemstone jewelry is loved by younger generation and older for different reasons. People wear Birthstones by Zodiac. Precious gemstone Ruby is said to be one of the three very precious gemstones out of three. The other two are Emerald and Sapphire. It is precious because:

          1. It is quite valuable.
          2. It is rare to find quality wise, clarity wise and color wise.
          3. It is treated separately from regular stone.

Zodiac Month of Ruby - July

Ruby is also the gemstone of July. Good Rubies have a wonderful Deep Red Hue, the color almost like Blood-Red. Rubies are rare and very expensive in the international markets. Most Rubies found on the market today are light red i.e. a few Pinkish hues in them, which takes away their uniqueness and originality. Thus, most Jewelers are turning to alternative sources, like selling lab-created Rubies instead.

Perfect Anniversary Present – Ruby Jewelry

Rubies are a great choice to wear every day as they are very durable and they last a Lifetime. Ruby is the second most durable gemstone like Sapphire, as diamond being the first. Ruby is a gemstone often used as anniversary gifts.

Place of Rubies – Burma, Vietnam and Africa

Burma has some of the best Rubies in the world because their stones are vivid and deep. The rich red Rubies that look like pigeon blood or pomegranates are considered as the precious Rubies. However, that does not mean Burmese Rubies are of great quality. The quality of Ruby varies from stone to stone, and high grades of similar colors and pieces can come from other countries as well. Among the many other worldwide mines, Rubies are found all over the world i.e. Thailand, Tanzania, Malawi, Madagascar, India, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Kashmir, Mozambique, Nigeria and the USA.

The only commercial Ruby mine in the US is in Utica, Montana called the Yogo Creekor Yogo Gulch. These stones are generally very small and bluish purple in hue.

Color of Rubies – Pomegranate Red

When it comes to the color of Ruby, the best is said to be the one with deep and rich red color. However, people prefer one with the pinkish tone. Rubies come from a parent rock called Corundum, which in its pure state is transparent or colourless. The traces of chromium get mixed with the rock during creation.It makes the corundum Ruby red. Sapphires have the same physical characteristics as a Ruby, but the blue in sapphire is actually caused by the mixture of titanium and iron.

Moh scale of Ruby:

Rubies (and Sapphires) are a 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness (diamond is a 10). Rubies are durable enough to take quite a beating because their toughness overpowers every other gemstone nature makes. This is the reason why the corundum is often used for the crystal faces on watches. Also, corundum is used in expensive jewel movements in the finest of watches as the Ruby has an aura which depicts elegance, courage, boldness, action and high energy.Rubies are regal and sacred because Rubies are so red and intense. They are meant to bring out emotion, love, anger, passion and fury.

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The rich red Rubies demand he highest per-carat price than any other colored stone. It could be as low as $10 per-carat for low quality and can be up to $200,000 for good quality.

Whether you’re a jewelry maker or designer, Rubies are a popular regal choice in gemstone jewelry.

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